Facing the Fats
An Ode To Oatmeal

I said I’d do a post and here it is! (Finally)

Porridge (or oatmeal as referred to in America, etc.) is made up of ground oats which usually either have water or milk added to form well… frankly a gluggy consistency. Sounds appetising doesn’t it? Well before we go into the deliciousness and variety of tastes you can get from oats, lets have a look at their nutritional factor. 

Oats: Contains ‘Complex Carbohydrates’, ‘Soluble Fibre’, ‘Antioxidants’, which;
Lowers blood cholesterol
Keeps you full - for longer!
Stabilizes Blood-Glucose Levels
Fibre - Helps digestion and bowel movements
Lowers blood pressure when consumed daily
Quicken Metabolism
'Lignans' in oats - Decrease risk in hormone based cancer
 Helps with weight loss
Enhance athletic performance pre-workout

And so much more! Now oat by themselves are no culinary masterpiece, however there are many tasty ways to add them to your diet such as:

Used in Granola (Yoghurt, Berries and Granola anyone?)
Used in oatmeal biscuits / muffins (great healthy alternative to your fav snack!)
Used in Porridge, which can be then transformed into delish deserts, breakfast, and even savory snacks! E.g;

Cocoa Porridge with Bananas
Porridge with honey and strawberries
or berries and yoghurt!
With avacado and salmon
Choc chips, Caramel and topped with your fav ice-cream (for a naughtier taste)
Soft hot apples and cinnamon
Or even a poached egg, spinach and cashews!

For an orgasmic blog dedicated to oatmeal recipes that you will just HAVE to try, check out: http://fyeahoatmeal.tumblr.com/